The Procedure

Please check out Memorial Hermann Pediatric's Circumcision page for great information from one of our most trusted referral sources. (En Espanol)

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First, we want to make sure that we have all the necessary information before we even have the consultation to ensure a safe and successful surgery. So please, fill out the questionnaire on the Contact Us page to the best of your ability. Also, please let us know if you are taking any blood thinning medications such as aspirin or warfarin.

During the consultation, Dr. Kim will sit you down in his office and discuss the goals and side effects of the procedure. With a light patient load and no pre-existing conditions, many patients have scheduled the consultation and procedure on the same day.


Dr. Kim uses the innovative ring-based circumcision (click to zoom above) technique to decrease patient discomfort and recovery time while increasing patient satisfaction.

1. The first step is to use a local anesthetic and antiseptic for the patients safety and comfort.

2. After the ring is applied, the foreskin will be pulled back at the degree for maximum cosmetic benefit, and then tied once again around the ring. 

3. The snip: a quick and efficient cut will be made in strategic places to ensure optimized healing. Due to the circulatory effects of the ring, it is much less painless than the traditional forceps guided method.



The ring method allows for patients to return to work the very same day. Patients will have to wear the ring for 10 days in order to ensure sustained healing. As long as the patient ensures to put the ring back on after any activities, the incision will heal safely and quickly. 

Immediately after the surgery, the patient will receive prescription medication and medical gauze to change the dressings, all included in our flat rate. Around 1-2 days after the procedure, the patient will meet with Dr. Kim to check on the process of healing and to address any questions or concerns regarding the post-op.