Our Values

Transparency, Simplicity, Peace of Mind

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Unlike other clinics (which often charge for unmentioned consultation and medical facility fees), Dr. Kim will sit down with you and have that conversation that you have been wanting, all inclusively. Our procedure uses a flat rate, which covers the initial consultation, the procedure itself, and post-op recovery and  medication. Many patients have questions about the procedure, mainly concerning pain and recovery. Only after this discussion can we determine the course of action for your desired results.

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Through repetition and constant research, Dr. Kim has perfected his circumcision technique, which currently takes around half an hour as well as requiring local anesthesia. With minimal pain and recovery time, you can return to work that very same day! Many of our patients, however, choose to extend their recovery time to take care of important things as well.

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Peace of Mind

In the Houston healthcare network, Dr. Kim is often called on to repair the results of an unsuccessful patient experience done by other circumcision clinics. These are often the most unfortunate cases, since a lot of the complications could have been avoided with an active consultation discussion or even a simple follow-up call. 

Rest assured, you will be in the best of hands at our clinic. Dr. Kim's illustrated career and constant search for surgical knowledge has allowed him to become a guest lecturer at UT Houston Medical School and an assistant professor at Baylor College of Medicine. Check out his bio on the linked page below.